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Species Include: Bream ......Trevally...... Salmon...... Garfish...... Flathead...... Squid...... Mullet...... Trout
 Main Fishing Places

This is just a quick overview of the areas that may be fished during a charter. Magnificent places to visit and teaming with great fish. You will remember a fishing charter to one or more of these prime locations.

ANSONS BAY- is a scenic 45min drive
north of St Helens, Ansons is renowned
for its trophy bream and the environment
is perfectly suited to polaroid fishing,
2+kilo bream are not uncommon. Peak fishing times October through to May.

SCAMANDER RIVER - is 15 minutes south of St.Helens. An all year round fishery, the bream are found in different parts of the river depending on weather conditions and time of year. It is a very consistent fishery and good for sight fishing. A special bonus of the river is the presence of sea running trout.

SWAN RIVER - 1.5 hours south of St Helens at Swansea trophy bream can be caught.
It is an excellent shallow water sportsfishing location.

GEORGES RIVER - for those who enjoy trout fishing Georges River is not only a
beautiful tranquil river but a good trout fishing water. Gone fishing charters has private access to fantastic stretches of this water which holds good fish. Enjoy the scenery whilst wading this river.

GEORGES BAY - St helens is situated on this beautiful bay Its prestine water is nutrient rich and supports a wide variety
of fish species (bream, mullet, garfish, squid, Australian Salmon, Flathead, Taylor, Trevally, Leatherjac ket, Kingfish & Sweep) Half and full day charters are available for bay tours. Enjoy the sport and catch yourself a feed. Great variety of species and a variety of fishing techniques can be used to ensure a memorable and exciting day. Try Australian Salmon on a fly, one of natures great fighters with equal fighting power per pound to any fish.

Anson Bay - North of St.Helens is one of the major Trophy Bream Fisheries on the East Coast.

Scamander River Reserve is an excellent
camping spot and a great bream fishing spot.


Beauty Bay is part of the larger Georges Bay. The town of St.Helens surrounds the bay. A major breeding area for a huge variety of fish.